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To accommodate upgrading to a new system the RIS online program will be shut down on Monday, February 1st at 12:01 am and return to full operation on Wednesday, February 3rd at 12:01 am. During this outage, no one will have access to the system.

Mandatory training is required for all RIS Administrators in order to have access to the new program. Training webinars start Wednesday, Feb 3rd and conducted by the Respect Group Inc. out of Calgary. (PLEASE NOTE: the webinar training times is all MST Calgary time - 14:00 hrs is 15:00 hrs & 9:30 am is 10:30 am Sask time) http://webinars.respectgroupinc.com/

We will also be adding a feature so sports and their coaches can help themselves with a new link to find certification numbers easier by entering First Name, Last Name and Birthdate at https://validation.respectgroupinc.com

Before starting the RiS for Coaches on-line program, click HERE for instructions.

Click on a link below to enter the RiS for Coaches on-line training program:

  • Hockey Coaches - https://sha.respectgroupinc.com
  • Gymnastics Coaches - https://gymnasticscanada.respectgroupinc.com
  • All other Coaches - https://sasksrc.respectgroupinc.com

    Help Desk
    To contact the Helpdesk by phone: 1-866-945-9906
    To contact the Helpdesk by email: rgihelp@respectgroupinc.com
    For Questions of a non-technical nature: info@respectgroupinc.com

    Calling all PSGBs!

    Sask Sport Inc. requires its Active members (PSGBs) to continuously implement a Respect in Sport policy for their coaches. It is important to keep your administrator information up-to-date at all times to ensure all information is accurate. PSGBs who have had changes to their Respect in Sport administrator are required to please complete the Respect in Sport Administrator Change Form and email it to Joelle Buckle at jbuckle@sasksport.sk.ca.

    Please note: All new RiS administrators will be required to attend a training session prior to being given Administrator rights. Sask Sport will work with your organization to provide a training session for your new administrator once the Sport Administrator Change Form has been received.

    Check out the Respect in Sport For Coaches PSA

    Share the link to this PSA with your members and coaches encouraging all your registered coaches to take the required RiS for Coaches on-line training program in Sask.