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The RiS for Coaches on-line training program is a required training program for all registered coaches of Provincial Sport Governing Bodies in Saskatchewan.

RiS for Coaches “reminder” tools have been created for Provincial Sports to use to remind their registered coaches to take the RiS for Coaches on-line training program. These can be found by clicking on the PSGB Resources tab on this page.

  • Post a web-box reminder ad on your Provincial Sport’s website
  • Place a reminder ad in your electronic newsletters
  • Send out the link http://www.sasksport.sk.ca/RiS/resources.html to these reminder tools in an email to all of your Associations, asking them to post a web-box on their websites and use them with the links in their communications with their registered coaches.

Before starting the RiS for Coaches on-line program, click HERE for instructions.

Click on a link below to enter the RiS for Coaches on-line training program:

  • Hockey Coaches - https://sha.respectgroupinc.com
  • Gymnastics Coaches - https://gymnasticscanada.respectgroupinc.com
  • All other Coaches - https://sasksrc.respectgroupinc.com

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    To contact the Helpdesk by email: rgihelp@respectgroupinc.com
    For Questions of a non-technical nature, please contact: info@respectgroupinc.com