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Before starting the RiS for Coaches on-line program, click HERE for instructions.

Click on a link below to enter the RiS for Coaches on-line training program:

  • Hockey Coaches - https://sha.respectgroupinc.com
  • Gymnastics Coaches - https://gymnasticscanada.respectgroupinc.com
  • All other Coaches - https://sasksrc.respectgroupinc.com

    Help Desk
    To contact the Helpdesk by phone: 1-866-945-9906
    To contact the Helpdesk by email: rgihelp@respectgroupinc.com
    For Questions of a non-technical nature: info@respectgroupinc.com

    Calling all PSGBs!

    A friendly reminder for all of your Associations, members and club's registered coaches in Saskatchewan that they must take the required Respect in Sport for Coaches on-line training program.

    Check out the Respect in Sport For Coaches PSA

    Share the link to this PSA with your members and coaches encouraging all your registered coaches to take the required RiS for Coaches on-line training program in Sask.

    RiS Administrators
    When your RiS Administrator changes please complete the
    Administrator Change Form