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In high school, Alexander Eiswerth wrestled around with different sport options before he got on track.

"I started out in high school as a wrestler," Eiswerth said. "I was approached by Darren Peters, who was a teacher at my high school. He said I should try track and field, so I ran in Cities and made it to Provincials, and the rest is history."

For some people, the daily grind of sports can get a bit tiring. But for Eiswerth, it's this factor that makes him love his sport.

"Talent only gets you so far in this sport and at a certain level you have to put in an honest effort to get to the top," he said. "If you want to be the best, you have to work harder than the rest. "

Eiswerth is a finalist in the 2017 Male Athlete of the Year for the Saskatchewan Sport Awards-an annual awards program of Sask Sport Inc. designed to celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements of Saskatchewan amateur athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.

At the Jeux du Canada Games, he earned a gold medal in the 1,500 metre and a silver medal in the 800m, an event in which he was ranked number one amongst Saskatchewan senior men. He placed eighth in the 4X800m relay - setting a University of Regina Record - and ninth in the 4X400m Relay at the USPORT Track & Field Championship. He won a bronze medal in the Men's 1,000m and set a new record for the U of R at the Canada West University Track & Field Championship.

The results were especially impressive for Eiswerth considering he was questioning his future in the sport not too long ago.

"It was overwhelming because I had taken a couple years off of training and almost gave up on the sport," he said. "I decided to go back into university and got connected with Dr. Stephen Davis, my coach now, and he saw potential in me and his training put me in a position to win medals at the Canada Summer Games and the races went almost perfectly."

Now that his career is off and running once again, Eiswerth hopes to one day run for Team Canada and wear the maple leaf on his chest. Sport has given him the confidence to tackle anything.

"I'm a pretty small individual and it's not always easy stepping up to the line and seeing all the much bigger stronger guys and thinking positively," he said. "My father said one thing that has always stuck with me since my very first races: 'It doesn't matter if the heat sheets say there are guys way faster than you; if the fastest person on paper always wins, why would they bother running the races?' That quote has always comforted me and given me the confidence to know that anything can happen. You just have to get yourself to the start line."

What makes Alexander Eiswerth #SaskProud?
"The tight knit community and small-town feel no matter where you are in Saskatchewan is what makes me #SaskProud. Everyone has each other's backs and are always willing to lend a hand. Another big thing for me is provinces like Ontario may have big populations but Saskatchewan is about creating quality over quantity. I have a deep gratitude and am thankful to everyone who has played a role in sport in Saskatchewan."

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