Jordan Kos Regina Bowls (Lawn)

These days, Jordan Kos is making headlines in lawn bowling. This is due in part to a headline that caught her mother's eye when Kos was just seven years old.

"My mother was the newsletter editor at my elementary school and was asked to put an ad in the newsletter about lawn bowling. The stigma that it is an 'old person's sport' prompted her to call the co-ordinator to let him know his error - that he likely wanted to put his ad in a seniors' paper," Kos said.

"My mother was quickly corrected and learned about a junior program at the Regina Lawn Bowling Club. She was invited to bring me to the first junior night, which she did, along with my two cousins who were a couple of years older than me. I rolled one bowl and I was hooked. I signed up the first night and have been bowling ever since."

Kos is a shining example that lawn bowling can be enjoyed by younger athletes, though she does plan to continue until she is a senior.

"Lawn bowls is a way of life for me. From the minute the greens open in April, until the tarp is placed on the grass in October, you will find me at the Regina Lawn Bowling Club," she said. "I love to practice and I love to compete. This is a sport that I can play for the rest of my life. I have gained confidence in my ability to achieve the impossible."

Kos is a finalist in the 2017 Youth-Female Athlete of the Year for the Saskatchewan Sport Awards-an annual awards program of Sask Sport Inc. designed to celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements of Saskatchewan amateur athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.

Last year, her team won a bronze medal in women's fours at the Multi-Nations Event (Pre-Commonwealth Games). She won a gold medal in the junior women's singles at the National Championships Junior Women's Singles and in the mixed pairs at the Forester Lang Pairs Nationals.

"My highlight of 2017 was representing Canada at the Pre-Commonwealth Games in Australia in the spring," she said. "Our team of seven ladies and seven men played bowlers from all across the world."

Australia is only one of the exciting locations that lawn bowling has led her. She said the travel aspect is a big draw of the sport for her.

"I have played in all lawn bowling greens in Saskatchewan, in most of the provinces in Canada, and I have travelled internationally to Australia, England, China and the U.S.," she said. "I love to compete against the very best in the sport."

Kos has big plans for the future. She hopes to represent Canada at major competitions in Australia and New Zealand.

She also plans to play in the US Open in the fall. While pursuing these dreams, she also wants to continue giving back. "I am the junior co-ordinator for the Regina Lawn Bowling Club and I try to demonstrate that hard work and practice can help achieve personal goals," she said.

What makes Jordan Kos #SaskProud?
"Representing my province as a junior player and as part of a senior team makes me very proud. Other provinces have better facilities, more practice time and more bowlers. When I compete on behalf of Saskatchewan and win, it demonstrates that Saskatchewan green is a force to be reckoned with."

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