Celebrating Saskatchewan Women in Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation

Working with our partners to showcase active women who are leaders in our communities!
Rachelle Fuller
SPRA Certified Fitness Leader
Rachelle Fuller received the 2015 Fitness Leadership Award...
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Brandi Cameron
Catcher, Team Saskatchewan Softball
Beardy's and Okemasis First Nation

As the saying goes, "Like mother, like daughter...
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Lisa Hoffart
Mental Performance Consultant, Regina
"I like meeting with different athletes and hearing their stories...
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Laurie Wachs
Coach, Synchronized Swimming, Saskatoon
"I find fulfillment in coaching. My first coach really...
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Becky Richter
Wheelchair Athletics, Saskatoon
"I've achieved beyond anything I thought I could do...
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Shannon Comerford
Fencing, Asquith
"Some people compare it to physical chess...
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Heather Hynes
Sport Nutritionist, Saskatoon
Sport Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan

"As the saying goes, You are what you eat. In sports...
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   Olympians visit northern Saskatchewan to
   inspire youth


   Girl power reigns at Active Like a Girl event


   ‘Dream Brokers’ aims to involve more youth
   in sport and recreation


   Milestones of Champions - Colette Bourgonje


   ParaSport Day in Saskatoon
   Watch the video: ParaSport Day in Saskatoon


Women Athletes’ Sport Performance and Well-Being:
Inviting women athletes to participate in ongoing research in the College of Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan.
DIAMOND GIRLS - #SSHF50 Anniversary Celebrations
As part of the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame 50th anniversary celebrations they are showcasing their inductees' stories and accomplishments. One very unique opportunity presented itself when Menagerie Productions and playwright, Maureen Ulrich proposed Diamond Girls a one-act, one-woman play focusing on the involvement of three Saskatchewan women and SSHF inductees - Arleene Johnson Noga, Mary Baker, and Daisy Junor - who participated in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) during the 1940's. Read More
CAAWS Women and Leadership Workshops
Sask Sport Inc., in partnership with the Canadian Association of the Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS), will be offering CAAWS Women and Leadership Workshops. Five 3-hour workshops are available, designed to be delivered to a female only audience. Read More
Resources: Women And Girls
New resources for women and girls in sport, physical activity are available HERE.
A Report on Female Participation in Sport
The findings from a new research publication were unveiled by Canada's dairy farmers and the Canadian Association for Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS).
Fuelling a Lifetime of Participation
In the Loop - CAAWS enetwork
May Issue
Actively Engaging Women & Girls - Quality Community Programs
Sydney Millar (M), Vicki Harber, Luoise Humbert, Sylvie Beliveau, Lori Johnstone, Isabelle Cayer
To truly impact the participation levels of women and girls, the Canadian sport and physical activity sector must commit to providing quality experiences. Building on previous Summit sessions and CS4L publications by CAAWS and other members of the panel, this session will focus on community-based programs and initiatives that are providing quality participation, competition and leadership opportunities for women and girls.
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Coaching Female Athletes
2016 Saskatchewan Coaches Conference

Notes from discussion that will help in addressing where to find resources, coaching female athletes, how your sport can engage more female participation and sustain, what we do as coaches to support the development of female athletes and programs/initiatives that sport delivers to improve the participation of females.
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Sask Sport Inc. AGM
June 11, 2016
Conexus Arts Centre, Regina



CAAWS Conflict Resolution (females only)
in partnership with Saskatchewan High School Athletic Association Coaching Conference
August 23, 2016
9:00 am - 12:00 pm




Fierce Femme 5
September 24, 2016
Victoria Park, Saskatoon

September 25, 2016
Goose Hill in Wascana Park, Regina



Huskies' Dally gets invite from national hoops team
11 May 2016 - The StarPhoenix, DARREN ZARY

Aqualenes return with medals from Prairie Synchros
11 May 2016 - The StarPhoenix

11 May 2016 - Leader-Post, DOYLE FOX

Saskatchewan wins third straight female aboriginal hockey title
11 May 2016 - Leader-Post

Actively Engaging Women and Girls: Addressing the Psycho-Social Factors Promising Practices and Practical Ideas

Webinar Recordings from 2013 WISPAR –
Sask Sport Inc. series:

Webinar for Leaders
(Board Members, EDs, Sport Consultants, Rec Consultants, Municipalities, SK Sport Orgs)
Powerpoint download - (.pdf, 1.8MB)

Webinar for Front-Line Workers
(Coaches, Dream Brokers, Teachers, Municipalities, Instructors, Sport & Rec Consultants, Minor Sport Clubs/Orgs)
Powerpoint download - (.pdf, 1.8MB)


Email Noreen Murphy your suggestions for consideration of Saskatchewan women to profile who are mentors and role models for physical activity in our Province.

Also send us your event details, and if appropriate, we will add them to our calendar.

For more information contact:
Noreen Murphy, M.A. Sport Management, B.P.H.E.
(306) 975-0898