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Sport can play an important role in the lives of people with a disability by being part of a healthy lifestyle and providing access to a social network and peer support, while developing self-discipline and positive self- esteem. Sask Sport Inc. is investing in these programs because we believe all people, regardless of ability, should be given the chance to participate in sport activities.

Since Saskatchewan has the second-highest rate in Canada of people who live with a disability at 14.5%, Sask Sport Inc. created the Parasport Sport Equipment and Club Development Grants. These grants provide financial assistance for the purchase of Parasport equipment and to support Parasport club development so more people with disabilities can participate in organized sport programs in Saskatchewan.

Active or Affiliate members of Sask Sport Inc. are eligible to apply for support, but in addition, member organizations may partner with local or community organizations/clubs to further develop capacity for Parasport programming in the province.

Application Deadline:
April 15th and October 15th of each year.

  • Parasport Brochure

    Parasport Sport Equipment Grant
    The costs of specialized equipment for people with a disability in sport is a significant barrier to their participation. This new grant program will assist in the purchase of adapted equipment which meets manufacturer’s qualification standards for disabled sport participation/competition.

  • Parasport Sport Equipment Grant Guidelines
  • Parasport Sport Equipment Grant Application Form
  • Parasport Sport Equipment Grant Follow-up Form

    Parasport Sport Club Development Grant
    The costs of starting new sport clubs for people with a disability at the community level is high. This program is designed to support new developmental programs in communities or the expansion/enhancement of existing programs (e.g. integration of athletes with a disability in programming, new age categories). In either case the goal is to increase participation opportunities for people with a disability. The grant can be used to offset barriers such as facility rental, coach development and transportation. The maximum eligible support is up to $5,000 per year per program application. Grant recipients will be eligible to apply for additional funding in subsequent years. Initiatives can be funded for up to three years, but the maximum eligible amount to a specific Club development initiative is $10,000 over three years. The grant is designed to support the development and implementation of community sport programs and compliment the Parasport Equipment Grant program.

  • Parasport Sport Club Development Grant Guidelines
  • Parasport Sport Club Development Grant Application Form
  • Parasport Sport Club Development Grant Follow-up Form

    Questions & Answers

    Who is eligible to apply?
    Active or Affiliate members of Sask Sport Inc. who are on the eligibility list of the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund. Local or community clubs/organizations can apply with the endorsement of an Active/Affiliate member of Sask Sport Inc.

    What is the source of funding?
    The program is made possible through the financial contributions from the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation and is administered through Sask Sport Inc.

    What is the approval process & application deadlines?
    There are two application deadlines April 15th and October 15th. Once the applications have been received an adjudication committee will meet to determine the recipients. Approximately 6 weeks after the deadline, organizations will be informed of the status of their application.

    How do I apply?
    It’s really easy, download an application form and provide as much detail as possible, answering each of the planning questions. Submit the application prior to the application deadlines of April 15 & October 15 of each year.

    For more information contact Michelle Dezell at (306) 975-0861.

    Athlete Profiles:

    Miranda Biletski
    Rugby - Paralympic
    "I think it's huge whether or not you want to play competitively or just get out and do it..."

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    Colette Bourgonje & Brittany Hudak
    Para-Nordic Cross Country Ski
    "It's important to be a mentor, you can make a younger athlete feel comfortable..."

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    News & Resources:

    Paralympic - Bridging the Gap


    On February 18, 2014, the Canadian Paralympic Committee launches the guidelines and application for the Para-Equipment Fund and the Recruitment Programs Fund. Deadline for applications: March 24, 2014. http://www.paralympic.ca/funding

    Currently, only three per cent of Canadians with a disability are active in organized sports. That’s a statistic that the Canadian Paralympic Committee is working to change, through the recruitment campaign: “It’s More Than Sport.”

    For more information to get involved contact

    Meet Regina's first sledge hockey team

    No More Wheelchairs
    Music Video - Words & Music Copyright 2011 by Daryl Holmlund


  • Planning Toolkit
  • No Accidential Champions - Long-term Athlete Development
          For Athletes with Disabilities 2nd EDITION
  • CS4L for Athletes with Disabilities
  • Canadian Paralympic Committee
  • Rick Hansen Foundation
  • Provincial Sport Governing Bodies


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