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Canada Games Building Dreams & Champions Legacy Program

The Canada Games Building Dreams & Champions Legacy Program was established as a result of the $3.4 million surplus from the 2005 Jeux du Canada Summer Games in Regina. Over the next several years, the surplus will be used to support a variety of programs and services in Regina and Saskatchewan that will reinforce the Canada Games brand in the province for years to come.

The Canada Games Building Dreams & Champions Legacy Program consists of eight components - Human Legacy, Capital Legacy, Asset Legacy, Building Dreams and Champions Program, Inspiring Dreams, Building Champions, and Legacy Program Management.

The Canada Summer Games' Human Legacy featured over 6,000 volunteers, Aboriginal volunteer and staff development, a commitment to bilingualism in Saskatchewan, a showcase of cultural diversity, and staff development for our future leaders.

The Capital Legacy included upgrades to 17 sport venues, the deepening of Wascana Lake, the Centre for Kinesiology at the University of Regina, and the Credit Union Eventplex at Regina Exhibition Park. This legacy has also helped attract other high profile events, such as the 2006 Tim Horton's Brier and the 2007 Canadian Gymnastics Championships, to Regina.

Through the Asset Legacy, more than $600,000 worth of sporting equipment was donated to over 100 sport and community organizations and $200,000 worth of other assets - such as food, tents and sheds - were provided to hundreds of community organizations.

The Canada Games Building Dreams and Champions Legacy Program will assist Saskatchewan youth in achieving their goals by making a lasting impact on the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model within Saskatchewan, and by providing vehicles for youth artists to pursue their dreams. LTAD provides athletes with optimum programming, training and competition in relation to their biological development and maturity level.

The CGBDCLP goals are to enhance the vertical integration of programs, leading to not only more talented athletes and artists, but also to promote healthy, lifelong participation in physical activity (active for life), and creativity. Its objectives will be to build stronger programs and partnerships throughout the sport and cultural system by a framework that links sport and cultural sectors to education, health and excellence. The majority of programs are predicated with the understanding that additional funds will be provided by the various partners.

The Legacy Program Management is operated by Sask Sport Inc. on behalf of the Canada Games Council (CGC).

For a full description of the Canada Games Building Dreams & Champions Legacy Program please see the Legacy Program Final Report below:

  • Legacy Program Final Report
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