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Sask Sport Inc. is committed to involving all Saskatchewan people in quality sport activities at all levels and in all forms of participation. KidSport
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Sask Sport Inc. strives to create an environment that welcomes an increasing number of qualified athletes, coaches and officials who reach national sport organization, national team or high performance levels. Canadian Sport Centre Sask
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Sask Sport Inc. strives to enhance the capacity of individuals, communities and organizations in support of amateur sport in Saskatchewan. Funding
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Sask Sport Inc. strives to develop and strengthen co-operation and collaboration in sport among governments, Aboriginal peoples, sport organizations and interested stakeholders. Media Releases
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Sask Sport Inc. is a non-profit federation of provincial sport and service organizations working with over 12,000 sport, culture, recreation and community groups throughout the province. It strives to improve the well being of Saskatchewan residents by ensuring that all people can participate in sport through grassroots to high performance programs. Sask Sport Inc. also administers the Saskatchewan Lotteries program.

Sask Sport Inc. members coordinate sporting activities and distribute funds to member clubs, teams and athletes in communities throughout the province. These organizations provide professional guidance, ensure safety, provide insurance, set rules, raise money, acquire sponsorships and train athletes, coaches and officials.

The primary fundraiser for Sask Sport Inc. (as well as culture and recreation groups) is Saskatchewan Lotteries, which is licensed by the Province of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Lotteries is a partner in the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation which is responsible for national lottery games such as LOTTO 6/49 and Super 7. It is also a partner in the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, which offers regional games such as Scratch 'N Win tickets, The Plus and Sport Select. Saskatchewan Lotteries products are sold through a retail network of approximately 775 lottery ticket centres throughout the province.

The net proceeds from Saskatchewan Lotteries are deposited in the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation. Sask Sport Inc., in conjunction with Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Inc. and SaskCulture Inc., establish volunteer committees that adjudicate all requests made to the Trust Fund. More than 12,000 volunteer organizations receive support from the Trust Fund ranging from hockey and baseball to the TransCanada Trail and drama clubs.

The sport section of the Trust funds more than 6,000 local, zone and provincial sport organizations which provide numerous programs and services such as community skills clinics, high performance athlete training, sport science and medicine services and coaches certification programs. These organizations also host more than 100 major sporting events in the province each year, which have a significant impact on the local economy. As well, sport organizations initiate programs that are directed at increasing participation by under-represented groups such as youth at risk, people with disabilities, Aboriginals, women, northern residents, the economically disadvantaged and seniors. Through the efforts of these organizations, more than 300,000 Saskatchewan residents are registered members of provincial sport organizations and thousands more participate in community-based recreation programs.

The Sask Sport Inc. offices are located in the Administration Centers for Sport, Culture and Recreation in Regina and Saskatoon. Operated by Sask Sport Inc., the Admin Centers provide volunteer groups the opportunity to work together and share resources and ideas. They offer a variety of services including administrative support, printing services, and office and meeting space.


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